Baby shower this way, baby shower that way ? Okay wait, but what is really a Baby shower ?

A baby shower is a prenatal party. The idea of a baby shower is to celebrate the new life of the future mommy and the of the upcoming baby, the mother should be spoiled with gifts and presents, as well as useful little thing in her mother’s life.
This one is generally organized during the 7th month or 8th month of pregnancy.

Whether you are the lucky expectant mommy, the best friend, the friend, the sister, the mom or the aunt, you’ll find below the famous recipe : Diaper cake.

Whatever is your theme, you can adapt your cake, there’s no problem.
In lack of inspiration ? Here you have some inspirations : pirates, princesses, Winnie the pooh, Disney, Mario, Hello Kitty, Harry potter, unicorn, pastel, animals, nature, tropical, sea…

There are so many recipes of diapers cake, here is our recipe, and yours now 😉
We used the diaper cake we did for Isoline and Fred’s baby shower.

For this recipe, you will need:

  • 64 Auchan diapers, from 6 to 13 lbs (that gives you a complete beautiful 3-storeyed cake).
    Of course, you are free to choose the brand you want, the viewers recommend you Tidoo, Moltex or Lilidoo
  • Some presents for baby, which are optional, but we preferred to add some for example you can take : a toy, a blankie, a clothing, a pacifier, a book…
  • A box of rubber bands
  • A rope
  • 3 supports for the cake, a big one, a middle one and a little one (we took a tray and a pot)
  • Some twine
  • A pair of scissors
  • Decorations according to the theme you choose
  • A ribbon

Once you have all the ingredients for the recipe, let’s proceed to cooking:

  • Seize the diapers, and roll them
  • Then tie them with two rubber bands at both extremities
  • Once all the diapers are rolled and bound, we tie them up with a rope on the support
  • If you bought some presents, add them between the diapers.
  • Remove the rope
  • Seize your beautiful ribbon and knots the diapers, and cover it up in order to hide the rubber bands (You may use different shades of your ribbon color)
  • Finish your cake by adding some small decorations around it.


Your cake is ready to consume 😉

Enjoy the baby shower ! And do not forget present for the beautiful future mommy !

Yes, if you are pregnant and reading this, expect to be spoiled as much as your toddler 🙂