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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, we try to answer the questions that come up often.
Do not hesitate to send us the questions you would like to see in this page, we will be happy to answer them!

For more information, visit our services or write us simply at the following address: contact@onceuponadream.fr.

Where do you live ?

In Guadeloupe, but I have lived all my life in the Paris region. I also lived in San Francisco when I was an au pair. I now organize events mainly in the Caribbean, but I still happen to organize in the Paris region. Like what, it is the proof that it is not necessarily necessary to reside in a place to succeed its event. All you need is good organization and total trust in the organizer !

What is the point of taking a wedding planner ?

Calling on a wedding planner or not, the final choice is unique to everyone and I respect each decision.

The interest of having a professional at his / her side is first and foremost reassuring and ensures that everything goes smoothly. That we will not have to deal with all these details, because we already have enough stress like that with work, family life on the way home from work. Now comes the pressure of marriage too, we want everything to be done well and that everyone likes it.

Then the interest is there, to be able to prepare oneself for one of the most beautiful days of his life, without being anxious.

It is also the guarantee to have quality services. Because we have seen and reviewed many couples who for budget reasons did not want to entrust the organization of their wedding to wedding planner, and in the end were ripped off.

The information needed to start my work for you

It is always easier for me to know the date of your wedding, the number of guests, and your budget.

From that already I can start to survey providers, and especially to see if your project seems feasible.

The purpose of a collaboration with a wedding planner is to have professional advice and advice. We are here to fulfill all your desires, but we must be transparent with you. If necessary, we will find solutions to achieve something that satisfies you and resembles you, and is within your means.

Why do I want to make an appointment to talk to you about your wedding before you start working with you ?

I have always worked in communication, and if I chose this area it’s because I love social relations!

Beyond that, it’s important for me to understand who you are, what made you come here, at a magical moment in your life, why this destiantion, what you like, what you do not like. Clearly know the maximum of you in order to best meet your needs. Manage the unexpected better.

And much more, this first contact determines immediately if we can really work together because as I always say, there is a connection that is made from the first moments. It’s like the wedding dress, when we try it is the one we know is the right one !

When do we start working together on your project ?

I start working as soon as we sign the contract, and the first deposit has been paid. You have a withdrawal period of 14 days from the signing of the contract.

Is your travelling expenses included in the price of your service ?

I have a travel package that is counted more in the quote that I make to each customer.



How far in advance do you need to organize a wedding?

I recommend at least a year. It is feasible in less time, we have already organized a wedding in one month! But it was very fast and it was necessary to use ingenious ideas and especially of relations!

But in general for weddings providers especially reception venues are booked well in advance.

We have found a Wedding Planner which is cheaper than yours, why are you so expensive ?

Each vendor justifies his prices according to his own criteria. Each person is different, has a different professional experience, a different training path, perhaps different services etc.

My benefits, I know them by heart and I can justify to my married the why of my prices. I know the value of my work and I have recommendations that prove it, I invested in capital formation, I have several years of experience in various fields including 5 in events. I put all my know-how to your sole service, and I think that in return we must evaluate at the right price.

I invest a lot of myself, and then I think it’s a question of trust. You must feel comfortable with your wedding planner. I invite you to be well informed before making your choice, a healthy and positive relationship is the best base ☺

Is it cheaper to marry in Guadeloupe than in France ?

Marriage is a cost, whether it’s organized in one place or another. Especially since France is a vast territory, so the prices of providers vary from one region to another. A wedding in Guadeloupe if you are from mainland France, will surely not have the same pace as if you had organized it in your home. It is remote, usually there are fewer guests, so you can indulge yourself with your budget.

Can we do civil marriage in Guadeloupe ?

The french law requires that the married couple marry civilly in the municipality where one of the couple has taken up residence. There are exceptions if one of your parents resides there.

If you have none of this and that Guadeloupe is simply a crush, you can always send a letter to the Mayor of the town where you want to get married.

The best is to organize your civil wedding in your commune, then to make a religious or secular ceremony here.

How do you manage everything alone on the day ?

I am super woman! Lol more seriously during all the preparations you have me and sometimes my project manager Angélique. On the day, I’m there with my team of contractors and their teams, and reinforcements on my side if necessary.

Are you open to inspiration shootings ?

Of course ! I love inspirational shootings! I initiate at least two a year because I am very creative I always have plenty of ideas, I do not necessarily find in customer projects. So I need a very specific project where I can let my creativity speak, and why not inspire future customers ☺

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